The failure rate for sophisticated support software implementations ranges between 25% and 75% and the difference is not so much in the facts, just their interpretation.

If you only include cases where the support software system fails to ever go live and is entirely abandoned, the failure is probably only 25% or lower, but if you include major cost overruns, production delays, failure to meet expectations and soaring post-production costs, the failure rate may actually be higher than 75%.

Choosing the wrong vendor is the single biggest reason for such failures, and also the easiest to avoid. In this white paper, we recommend a detailed process for picking the right support software company to ensure a successful implementation. To do so, we contrast the standard approach taken by most companies with a recommended enhanced approach throughout each step of the evaluation process.

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project management softwareWith the help of internet facilities, it is now very easy to collaborate with many parties on specific projects to improve the work quality and to complete the project within time limits without any difficulty. Online project collaboration improves the work quality by offering us a better chance to work with the best possible partners even if they live at different locations in different countries. With the help of proper collaborating facilities made available by online collaboration software, you can remain in contact with your team members throughout the project.

The online project collaboration includes the management of project and the distribution of tasks and responsibilities to be completed by each team member within preset time limits. Online project collaboration essentially means proper time management and project management. The team leader will be able to assess the progress of works by each team member while the online collaboration software will make sure that the information and data can be transferred in between the team workers without any delay. One may not use the simple email services for exchanging such important professional data, however, with the help of well encrypted and safe emailing and data transferring services of online collaboration software this can be made pretty simple, safe and easy.

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survey softwareIf you take a look at the features that different survey softwares offer, you  will quickly realize that understanding all of them is no mean task. But it is  very important that you do because only then you can choose the right survey  software. It is important for one other reason, it determines your price. More  features invariably means more dollars. So if you don’t choose the right survey  software, you might end up paying more for features you don’t need.

While it is impossible and not even worthwhile to look at all the features,  here is a look at some of the important ones. Chances are that these are the  ones will make or break your decision. The features have been divided into 6  categories based on their function in the process of conducting an online  survey.

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