Surveys are effective research methods to gather valuable information. The businesses are making using of the online tools to collect, create and distribute data. The time consuming procedures have been simplified with the help of the ready made tools. The specific software that facilitates the purpose is suitable for the business organizations, corporate organizations, educational institutions, health care facilities, IT department of companies, event organizers, etc. The nature of the survey would vary depending on your purpose. Gaining feedback from the customers and employees is a great method that would aid a company to grow. The information can be of help during the most important decision making processes.

Just like any other business, the health care facilities too need to conduct a range of assessments regarding their management tasks. The tools would come to your aid for numerous purposes here. The surveys can be customized to be used as healthcare questionnaires, health need assessment forms, health evaluation checklist and more. Gathering information regarding the patient’s health condition and lifestyle habits would facilitate the treatment.

The educational institutions must make use of the best online survey tool to gauge their efficacy. The students must be provided an opportunity to provide their genuine opinion about the faculty, the project, events and academic issues. This might even be able to help you identify the reason for the increasing attrition levels. The issues that might soon become a liability can be brought into the limelight with the help of this venture.

Here is the 2012 free online survey tools chart:

free/trial account
Survey Monkey Survey Expression eSurveysPro Survey Gizmo QuestionPro
Number of surveys Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1
Number of questions per survey 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 10
Number of responses 100/survey 200/survey Unlimited 250/month 100/account
Number of question types 15 18 14 21 15
Skip logic No Yes Yes No No
Piping No No No No No
Multiple languages supported No No No No No
Brand survey with your own logo No Yes Yes No No
Online survey reports Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Download/export responses No Yes No Yes No


And the winner is …

Based on the above features, if you need a free survey software tool, we recommend you to use SurveyExpression. SurveyExpression is the best free online survey software tool that we were able to try.

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