Need to create a survey and you are a student or have a very low budget? There are free survey sites on the web that can help you with your task. We will try to list some of them here. Keep reading to find out which are the best free survey tools.

There are many survey sites available online that claim to be free. Unfortunately that’s not entirely true. Most of them will have limitations that will make you purchase an account at some point if you really need a professional survey. But, in some cases, the free features these sites offer can be enough for a large number of people that need to create surveys.

Here is a list of site that we have found useful. We will try to review them in more details in our next posts.

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survey softwareIf you take a look at the features that different survey softwares offer, you  will quickly realize that understanding all of them is no mean task. But it is  very important that you do because only then you can choose the right survey  software. It is important for one other reason, it determines your price. More  features invariably means more dollars. So if you don’t choose the right survey  software, you might end up paying more for features you don’t need.

While it is impossible and not even worthwhile to look at all the features,  here is a look at some of the important ones. Chances are that these are the  ones will make or break your decision. The features have been divided into 6  categories based on their function in the process of conducting an online  survey.

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