Need to create a survey and you are a student or have a very low budget? There are free survey sites on the web that can help you with your task. We will try to list some of them here. Keep reading to find out which are the best free survey tools.

There are many survey sites available online that claim to be free. Unfortunately that’s not entirely true. Most of them will have limitations that will make you purchase an account at some point if you really need a professional survey. But, in some cases, the free features these sites offer can be enough for a large number of people that need to create surveys.

Here is a list of site that we have found useful. We will try to review them in more details in our next posts.

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SurveyExpressionGetting people to answer surveys is a tough task and SurveyExpression makes it easier for its clients to increase the response rates of their surveys. Its powerful survey software has a smart editor that builds online surveys to instantly attract the attention of people. They are easy to understand and the questionnaire is prepared in such a way that the survey does not take much time of the individuals who choose to respond to it. A great deal of planning is done for building the online surveys in order to help the clients in accomplishing the objectives for which they are conducting the survey.

There are different types of surveys, such as, customer satisfaction surveys and employee surveys. Whatever the requirements of clients, Survey Expression has the right solutions in the form of professionally designed surveys. They are customized to have questions that are relevant to the respondents and the results of which can be understood and shared easily. A free survey has a set of questions that is created to make it easier for people to answer it. It is important to have descriptive questions that would help the respondents to analyze the information and answer the queries correctly.

Many organizations that wish to conduct online survey can have the best software tools for the purpose with the help of Survey Expression. They can also get free online surveys created with the help of these tools. The free survey site can be beneficial to individuals and organizations alike, as they can have access to different formats of questions like checkboxes, radio buttons, ranking and many others. All the data collected using the free software tools can be exported without facing any technical issues. There are absolutely no limitations on the amount of surveys or questions that can be put out every month.

Survey Expression has plenty of information provided on the website for the users to get started with the online survey tools. The survey software is available for free and the users can create unlimited surveys and questions through it. A tutorial is also available on the website for helping first-time users to create and deploy surveys. It is an easy-to-use resource and anyone can navigate through the topics and understand them without any hassles. The users can also benefit from the free questionnaire templates that are provided on the site. For more information about the website, visit

Surveys are effective research methods to gather valuable information. The businesses are making using of the online tools to collect, create and distribute data. The time consuming procedures have been simplified with the help of the ready made tools. The specific software that facilitates the purpose is suitable for the business organizations, corporate organizations, educational institutions, health care facilities, IT department of companies, event organizers, etc. The nature of the survey would vary depending on your purpose. Gaining feedback from the customers and employees is a great method that would aid a company to grow. The information can be of help during the most important decision making processes.

Just like any other business, the health care facilities too need to conduct a range of assessments regarding their management tasks. The tools would come to your aid for numerous purposes here. The surveys can be customized to be used as healthcare questionnaires, health need assessment forms, health evaluation checklist and more. Gathering information regarding the patient’s health condition and lifestyle habits would facilitate the treatment.

The educational institutions must make use of the best online survey tool to gauge their efficacy. The students must be provided an opportunity to provide their genuine opinion about the faculty, the project, events and academic issues. This might even be able to help you identify the reason for the increasing attrition levels. The issues that might soon become a liability can be brought into the limelight with the help of this venture.
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survey softwareIf you take a look at the features that different survey softwares offer, you  will quickly realize that understanding all of them is no mean task. But it is  very important that you do because only then you can choose the right survey  software. It is important for one other reason, it determines your price. More  features invariably means more dollars. So if you don’t choose the right survey  software, you might end up paying more for features you don’t need.

While it is impossible and not even worthwhile to look at all the features,  here is a look at some of the important ones. Chances are that these are the  ones will make or break your decision. The features have been divided into 6  categories based on their function in the process of conducting an online  survey.

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